Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nik Wins NPP Internet #29

Miracles happen! I had a rush of cards you dream about. About the only way I was going to win one of these.

Only four showed up to face my avalanche of hands. Maybe we need to go back to 9pm. How about 8:30? Opinions? Anyway, onto the game;

It was not Sev4TSev’s (4th) night. Every hand or flop got run down for him early. On Hand #30e gets knocked out by be with a typical hand for him this night. Sev’s got 98 and he and I see the flop as limpers. The flop is [A83]. I bet and he calls. The turn is a 9 and he goes all in. Unfortunately for Sev4TSev, I am holding A8.

The three of us went round and round with me raising a lot because of the great hands I was getting. On hand #60, Matchy did get into 2nd place with the three of us.

On hand #72, short-stacked Duder and I limped in with a flop of [7A2]. I had 82 and was very happy when a [2] hit on the turn. We get all in on the river when an [A] hits, filling my boat. Duder has A9. Doh!

On hand #84, Duder takes over 2nd when he wins a good size pot from Matchy.

On hand #88, Matchy wrestles 2nd back away from Duder. Meanwhile I am slowly bleeding chips away from both of them with endless raises. The sad part was I always had something. What a run of cards.

On hand #94, Duder and Matchy were dead even at 800 chips while I sat there with 4800.

On hand #95, reality returned to my world as my TT got run over by Duder’s QQ and that left Matchy in deep 3rd place.

On hand #97, Matchy (3rd) goes all in with 55 and I have to call with my AJ s.
A [J] on the flop and I win the coin flip.

Heads up now, I have 4600 and Duder 1400.

Hand #100, Duder gets some life when his 34 hand hits a flop of [T48] against my T9. He gets all-in and I call. A [4] on the river and he doubles up.

Too bad my endless raises had bled his chips down. His double up only got him to 1000.

Hand #104 ends the night as Duder (2nd) had A9, called by my A8. I get lucky and hit an 8 on the flop and Duder got no help.

1st – Nik Faldo
2nd – Duder
3rd – Matchy
4th – Sev4TSev


Anonymous said...

We need at least a little commentary here. Four players showed, 747 out for an uncharacteristic 4th place. Matchy (me) was dealt several enticing 2nd best hands (straight vs flush, lower flush, Ace w/ worse kicker) and finished in 3rd after an up and down battle w/ duder. Mikeniks was dealt a juggernaut of cards all evening and eventually ran down duder for the win, but he dominated the entire night. Good job Mikeniks, who I believe had a pocket pair dealt to him approximately 30% of the hands (no kidding). Mike also said we would try 8:30 next week.
Matchy Out

Nik Faldo said...

Matchy, u are absolutely right! We need commentary and I posted commentary last night. For some reason, the computer didn't post it.
I blame 4Putt as webmaster - as no way could the mistake come from my tired and drunk ass late at night.
I re-posted the commentary this morning.
4Putt must have fixed the software somehow, because the mistake could not of been mine.

Anonymous said...

I like the 8:30 idea, not that the 1/2 hour would make a big difference in my attendance!!