Monday, August 28, 2017

KingBing420 Wins for the 7th Time in 2017

Joanna Krupa has nothing on KingBing420
The lady is killing the field right now. Who can stop this? Faldo can't as his jinx fears were realized again last week.

But Faldo (sob) will not complain (whining quietly) or moan (sob again) about bad beats (WHY ME!) as all mature poker players (SO UNFAIR!!) realize that this is (SOB!) part of the game.

Talent eventually wins out (Faldo has no chance!).

2nd - GMOgolf
3rd - Sanster89
4th - Derf-63
Bubble - Tigercub8189

Now for some general thoughts from Faldo.

Faldo always carries a pen and paper around with him in case Faldo thinks of a good idea. Or if Faldo forgets the pen and paper, Faldo convinces Faldo that the idea was not good enough to write down in the first place.

Anyone notice that when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, we moved the people made homeless to Houston. Now Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Can we send those same people to California ....PLEASE! Or send some to California, some to Iran, some to North Korea and some to Afghanistan. Send a few to Bernie Sanders house. Send some to the MSNBC and CNN studios too. Lets use our natural resources wisely.

Sometimes Faldo has remembered his pen and paper at the wrong times.

Faldo bought a parrot that the pet store owner swore could talk. It died and when Faldo took it back to the store the owner swore the death was Faldo's fault and would not give a refund. It was not Faldo's fault that the parrot never said it was hungry or thirsty.

Faldo likes rice. Rice is great when you are both hungry and you want 3000 of something.

Faldo used to drink. Faldo still does drink, but he used to also.

Faldo loves escalators because even when they breakdown, they still become stairs.

Faldo used to be a hot tar roofer in Florida. That was a tough career path for that day.

Faldo did a 'solid' and helped a friend 'stay put.' Faldo made sure he did not start loading things into a U-haul.

Faldo was at a casino leaning against a door jam. A security guard said, "Sir, you have to move. You are blocking a fire exit." What was the point of that? Like Faldo was not going to move if there was a fire?

Faldo was handed a picture of a girl who said, "This is a picture of me when I was younger." Isn't every picture a picture of us when we were younger?

When people hand you a flyer they are really saying, "Here - you throw this away."