Monday, August 21, 2017

KingBing420 Wins for 6th Time - Absea98 for the 1st Time in 2017

Its go time. The second Civil War has started whether you participate or not.
Sorry for the double post as this new venture of Faldo's takes more time than a regular job.

Note to self: If you ever want to work for a slave driver, start your own business.

Anyway, two weeks ago KingBing420 took out a field of 13:
2nd - Douge2
3rd - Absea98
4th - Tomservo2
Bubble - Mikeniks-Faldo
(and mark my words, the PokerStars gods will have it in for Faldo the rest of the way this season. He looked some gift points in the mouth. Faldo took an unnecessary to get knocked out before Tomservo2 just blinded out. Watch and see if the cards do not have a memory of this the rest of the way this season. Faldo will have trouble making a final table from here on out. Put a fork in Faldo the rest of the season. Not superstition. It's called Karma.)

Last week, a familiar face to the winner's circle finally returned as Absea98 took out a field of 15:
2nd - Douge2
3rd -Sanster89
4th -Wingsfancurt
5th - KingBing420
Bubble - GMOgolf

Congratulations to KingBing420 on her 8th NPP win.
Congratulations to Absea98 on his 15th NPP win.

Now some Faldo odds and ends:

 How about these quotes:

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Henry Ford (noted inventor of the automobile, the factory assembly line, a successful business man, oh and a devout Nazi, Jew hater and Democrat.)

Oh, you mean like blaming karma for future defeats at poker? Like taking your eye off the goal? Like that?

"Life is like a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." - Danny Kaye, comedian.

He is correct and Faldo tries to do just that.

"I cannot give you the formula for success. I can give you the absolute perfect formula for failure however; try to please everyone." - Herbert Bayard Swope

Right on. Faldo never tries to please everyone (although most thinking people are pleased with Faldo), which is why Faldo needs to mention a few things now about the events of the last two weeks (even though this will not please everyone):

If you don't think the second Civil War in the United States has started - by the losers of the last presidential election - then you are not paying attention. The war is on.

Its going to be a strange war, with Democrats allowed to riot, kill cops and assist, protect and promote people who violate our federal laws - all without the police or authorities doing anything to stop it.

But when the conservatives and patriots have had enough of their rights and property trampled on by the Democrat communists, and begin to retaliate, THEN and only then, will the police and authorities crack down - ON THE CONSERVATIVES AND PATRIOTS.

Faldo has written this, so let it be said and so it shall be.
Just a prediction as reliable as truth unfortunately.
This civil war was started by the Democrats in order to declare Marshall Law and crack down on our Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
This last election of Czar Hillary was suppose to take care of that
And neither the Democrats or Republicans can believe the American people stood up and stopped it.
Neither party has recovered from the shock. It has exposed that both parties are ...well, both parties.

Anyone wonder why the main stream media and Democrats (same thing) are throwing a fit over the death of one female illegal demonstrator (key word in there is 'demon'), when the perpetrator is captured and justice will be served? Meanwhile police officers are being murdered by the dozens by left wing communists (Democrats, paid for by Democrats) and not a word of outrage?

Anyone wonder why the police let the Democrat communist rioters get close enough to attack the skinheads? The skinheads -whether you agree with them or not (Faldo does not!) - had a permit to assemble and had peaceably. It was the Democrat communist protestors that were there illegally, but were allow to amass and march towards the skinheads unabated by the police. A police chief and a mayor need to be fired and/or removed from office.

But the Civil War must get rolling according to the Democrats.

Anyone wonder why Democrat communist thugs can tear down statues and riot, while the police do nothing?

Anyone wonder why Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not in jail for her treasonous acts?
Anyone wonder why Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Uma Aberdeine are not in prison for their treasonous acts?

Anyone wonder why the Republicans are missing in action pushing thru the Trump agenda the American people sent Trump there to accomplish?

We have a banana republic for a government - especially since the election of Obama. Hillary was suppose to be the final nail in the coffin for our Constitution.

The Democrats won't wait 8 years to fix another election. They want a war.

Another quote; "The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time." - Thomas Jefferson

He's right. If the Democrats want to rock, Faldo says ...."Let's roll."

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