Sunday, February 26, 2017

KingBing420 Wins for the 1st Time in 2017

NPP ladies can hold their own in any poker situation there is!
Skill was a lady tonight - not luck!

KingBing420 beat a field of 15 to win for the first time in 2017.

The field is tightening (as it always does), so be sure to be here on Tuesday at 8pm EST on for the best poker tournament on the internet.

2nd - Tigercub8189
3rd - Derf-63
4th - Mikeniks-Faldo
5th - Absea98

Congratulations to KingBing420 on her 6th NPP win!

Now for a classic fable - then the modern version:

The ant works hard all summer in the heat building his house and gathering supplies for the long winter ahead.
The grasshopper thinks he is a fool and plays and laughs the summer away.
Come winter the ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper has no food or shelter and dies out in the cold.

The ant works hard all summer in the heat building his house and gathering supplies for the long winter ahead.
The grasshopper thinks he is a fool and plays and laughs the summer away.
Come winter, the grasshopper calls the main stream media and gets a press conference demanding why the ant gets to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving. Protesters gather to demand, "no warm well fed grasshopper, No PEACE!" and burn flags, throw rocks and bottles and loot stores.

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the NY Times and the rest of the newspapers in the country provide pictures and videos of the shivering grasshopper and showing where the ant's home is so protestors can find it easily.

Kermit the Frog shows up on The View to explain the difficulties of being Green.

Nancy Pelosi makes the rounds of all the main stream media talk shows vowing to do everything possible so the grasshopper can get 'economic justice' and punish the ant who prospered due to "global warming". She also explains that this bitter cold winter is also the fault of global warming. The main stream media never asks her to explain how that is possible.

Obama is sought out by the media to proclaim that the ant got rich off the back of the grasshopper and calls for an immediate tax hike on all ants so they can pay "their fair share" so the government can re-distribute the ant's wealth.

The Clintons get their lawyers to file a Defamation suit against the ant and get the case tried in the 9th Circuit Court to make sure the ruling is against the ant. The ant is fined for not using enough "illegal green bugs" to build his house and gather his food for the winter.

The story ends with the grasshopper finishing up the last bit of the ant's food inside his government supplied house - which just so happens to be the ant's old house. But the house is crumbling around him since the grasshopper never paid for it and therefore doesn't maintain it.

The ant is dead and laying underneath the snow somewhere, but on the mainstream media channels Meryl Streep and Madonna are standing in front of Democrat supporters stating how happy they all are that "justice" was achieved for the grasshopper.

Shortly thereafter, the grasshopper was found dead in his free housing due to a drug overdose. The house was abandoned due to it's rundown condition and unpaid taxes. Now it has been taken over by a gang of spiders who now terrorize the once peaceful neighborhood.

Epilogue: There is a new sheriff in town, who appears to be bringing back the Classic version to the country. Now that real Americans have wrestled the car keys away from the children, we must keep them in their child seats and seat belts in the back seat - facing the other way.

If they cause too much of a distraction back there, place them in the trunk or don't even let them in the car in the first place. They are a danger to everyone.

Safety first!


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Faldo winning more of these tournaments. He has the talent.

Nik Faldo said...

Uh......apparently Faldo doesn't.

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