Wednesday, November 23, 2016

T3chlady Wins for the 2nd Time in 2016 - One Regular Season Tourney Left!

T3chlady takes no prisoners at the felt!
T3chlady put herself right in the mix to win the final quarter seat in the NPP Final being victorious over a field of 12 players!

2nd - Derf-63
3rd - Cigar4John
4th - Tigercub8189
Bubble - LittleRedElf

But to take the pressure off of her, Faldo will disclose that this win also clinched her a Total Points seat! This means Faldo and T3 are already in the Final regardless of their result on the final 4th quarter tourney.

If T3chlady wins the 4th quarter seat, then Faldo and next two highest Total Points totals get a seat.
If Faldo wins the 4th quarter seat, then the second place person in the 4th quarter standings gets a seat and the top two in the Total Points race (T3 plus one other) will get seats in the Final.

There are quite a few different scenarios, as 6 players can win the 4th quarter and 4 players have a shot at the Total Points seats! As usual, it will be an exciting finish to the NPP season.

Don't forget the Tournament of Champions held in two weeks, and the winner of this tournament (or the highest finisher without a seat already) also gets a seat in the NPP Final!

Congratulations to T3chlady on her 12th NPP win and her moving up the NPP Walk of Fame!

Now for your holiday enjoyment, here is a list of single malt scotches that won't break your budget:

Aberlous a Bunnhd Cask - $80
An Cnoc Cutter Highland - $65
The Balvenie Double Wood (twss) - $50
The Glenlivet Nadurra - $75 (Faldo tested and approved)
The Macallan Cask - $60
Old Pulteney Navigator - $50
Speyburn Arranta Cask - $35

Faldo plans on "testing" all the spirits he lists here on the blog.
Oh, the trials and tribulations Faldo goes thru to help his readers!

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