Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rjmech Wins for the 3rd Time in 2016

It's time to not only drain the swamp, but eliminate the liberal snakes.

Rjmech beat a field of 12 on election night 2016 to win for the 3rd time this season. Way to go, RJ. He is in the hunt for the 4th quarter seat in the NPP Final.

Faldo missed the round tonight attending a 'Freedom Fire'. An outdoor fire where the Constitution was not burned - only because Hillary did not win. If she had, the Constitution would not be worth the paper it was printed on.

But the assumed funeral of the United States turned into a small and temporary celebration. Thank God! And Faldo does mean thanks to God.

But now - the real work, and - the real fight begins of dismantling the last 80 years of liberalism.

But, Faldo digresses.

2nd - 95corrolla
3rd - GMOgolf (climbing into contention also)
4th - KingBing420
Bubble - Absea98

Congratulations to Rjmech on his 22nd NPP win!

At the Freedom Fire, some good bourbon was drank. Faldo thought he would give you a list of some of the best reasonably priced bourbons on the market:

Booker's Bluegrass - $60
Bulleit 10 year old Bourbon - $40
Buffalo Trace - $40
E. H. Taylor Jr. Barrel Proof - $70
Four Roses Small Batch - $35
Jim Beam Single Barrel - $35
Old Weller Antique - $35

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