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Once Faldo Talks About the Presidential Election.......

Ignorant Millenials sitting. Not all their fault however.
there will be nothing left to say.
So, read it, live it, love it. It’s a mixture of fact and truth. Period.
The Lord God allowed this nation one more chance to save itself….but just one more.
Understand that giving the Democrat any power in our government again will be the same as taking a torch to the Constitution of the United States. They proved it to even the unthinking useful idiots on the left – and the Democrats still got 50 million votes. THAT tells us thinking Americans where the rest of the people living here think of the Constitution and what this country stands for.
Liberals actually want the destruction of the United States Constitution. THAT should scare you into action.
Obama and the turncoat Republicans who gave up rather than fight the machine, doubled our debt in 8 years, socialized our medical industry into very expensive 3rd world care, surrendered our power and pride to our enemies overseas, let our military go into disarray, let our veterans die waiting for care and let our soldiers die in foreign lands unable to defend themselves properly or get back up from their fellow soldiers when under attack.
Meanwhile, at home the Democrats were flooding our country with illegal aliens from everywhere and anywhere to fill welfare rolls, take jobs from Americans, get on the Democrat voter rolls and fundamentally destroy the identity of the founding of the United States of America.
The new United States selfie - coming soon if not stopped now.
Obama wrote executive order after executive order, avoiding Congress and acting like a dictator. He also pardoned thousands of felons in time to vote Democrat. We had Democrat governors giving voting rights to felons in time to vote for Hillary. And Congress – a Republican Congress – simply bent over and grabbed the ankles, trying to stop absolutely none of this lawlessness by state and federal government.
The Democrats ran Hillary Clinton as Obama’s replacement – and had to cheat, lie and steal to beat an admitted Socialist and actual Communist from winning the Democrat nomination. That also tells you where the Democrats and their voters actually live. Any liberal voter is an EMENY of the United States now. Whether by actual thought, complete ignorance or just plain mental illness, this should be crystal clear to all Americans.
Liberals destroy the USA and defecate on everything American - every single day.
The crimes and failures committed by Hillary Clinton are too many to be listed here – as are Obama’s. Yet the media, the entertainment industry, the unions and the elite rich all lined up to support this incompetent felon, liar, crook and cheat for President – as they did for this communist American hater for the last 8 years.
As Faldo already stated, our Lord God granted us one more chance. He saved us by the slimmest of margins from a Hillary Clinton president and a completely Communist Supreme Court to rubber stamp the destruction of our Constitution.
If Hillary would have campaigned like she did when she finally was able to stop her seizures, crying and coughing jags long enough to give her concession speech, she would have won easily. We were THAT close to the immediate loss of our nation.
The loser – Hillary Clinton still managed to get nearly 60 million votes and win the popular vote by a slim margin. 60 million votes for a person who sold access and favors from our government for millions and let the entire world see top secret correspondence in our government with her basement email set up. This entire computer system was set up to hide her criminal activity and money laundering from her selling her government influence - and probably secrets too.
Hillary did not send aid to Americans under fire in Bengazi, then lied to the American people as to the reason for their deaths.
This pure incompetent lying traitor to our country – Hillary Clinton - still received nearly 60 million votes for President. Think about that. Ok, 5 million voters are dead people, duplicates and duplicate dead people. Another 5 million voters were illegal immigrants and felons allowed to vote in pure Democrat districts. Take them out.
So this means that 50 million of our fellow citizens that voted for Democrats are either:
           A)    A lazy brainwashed useful idiot who refuses to learn the truth
           B)    A moron who has no ability to grasp reality
           C)    A mentally ill person who lives in a alternate universe where facts don’t matter
           D)    A traitor to the United States of America
           E)     Two of the above
           F)     Three of the above
           G)    All of the above
The media, the political parties and the clergy will tell you it is time to put the election behind us and come together as Americans.
Faldo says BULLSHIT! Obama told the Republicans in his first week in office, “I won. You lost. Shut the fuck up.” If Hillary would have won, Trump would have faced a firing squad. Don’t tell Faldo it is time to come together as Americans.
And as the Democrats in office state publicly that it is time to come together and work together (translation – keep our destruction of the United States going), Democrat donors continue to fund riots and looting in liberal cites.
Have you noticed that cities with rioting, looting and violence - voted in massive numbers for Hillary? I say the city and the businesses that have these riots DESERVE them. You tolerated liberalism and communists in your neighborhood. Deal with it.
Democrats are no longer Americans. They are the enemy. Deal with this FACT. If the last 8 years did not convince you of that – then you are “B” from above, and you are the enemy.
Faldo’s point is this. Faldo will say it again. The Lord God gave us one more chance. Republicans have the White House, the Senate and the House. We can stack the Supreme Court with YOUNG Constitutionalist judges who will follow the God given principals found in the Constitution and not make law up from thin air or find justification in Socialist Europe.
Actually, we don't George. You tried to appease the enemy within. How did that work out?
It is up to the nearly 60 million Americans that voted for Trump to not take the foot off the neck of the Democrats – any Democrat.
DO NOT tolerate their whining, crying or protesting.
Treat every Democrat as the enemy - an internal enemy as deadly as any Muslim terrorist or serial killer. Every Democrat or Democrat voter is the enemy. Period.
It is time to educate the “A” Democrats and shun the rest. This “A” list is the brainwashed junior, high school and college students and young adults – known as the Millennials. These poor Americans have been brainwashed in our liberal school systems and they need to be de-programmed, forced to think, then be re-educated. A tall order to be sure. The liberals have worked on them their entire childhood and young adulthood.
Nikita Khrushchev, the former communist dictator of the Soviet Union said, “We will not get you, but we will get your children.” He was right – they have. They did it by Americans sleeping at the switch and not challenging liberalism at every turn. We have to start challenging NOW and never stop!
Any that cannot be saved, add them to the shun list. And while shunning all Democrats that cannot learn, watch them very, very closely. After all, they are internal enemies to our Constitution. They are perfectly willing to vote for a Socialist or Communist Democrat. Bernie Sanders would have been the nominee if the Democrat Party did not cheat him. Democrats only know one way to win – cheat. But this is proof that the cancer of communism has spread into the tissues and bones of this nation. It has to be killed – and it is now or never.
Every Democrat policy, statement, goal and strategy has to be challenged and defeated immediately. As Trump showed in the campaign, you cannot let one lying utterance by a liberal go unchallenged. Explain at once why what they stated is wrong and treasonous. Do not go silent. Do not back down! Do not shy from an altercation – verbal or otherwise.Yes, it's that serious. The liberals are acting that way - Americans better.
Don't let liberals tread on us anymore. We have to stop this ...NOW.
After all, it is our country’s survival at stake. We have four years to defeat a communist cancer the liberals have grown in this nation in the last 80 years since FDR. The second Civil War has just started. Live free or die. Your choice.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
DO NOT think the job is done with the election of Trump. As with Bush, the liberal press – or their real name, the media arm of the Democrat Party – will blame Trump for every cloudy day, every crack in every sidewalk and the death of every fly. This is the same press that blamed Obama for absolutely nothing for 8 years.
Every liberal lie, statement, demonstration, riot, union strike, complaint, act of lawlessness, cry of victimhood, racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, global warming or acts of brainwashing in our schools needs to be challenge immediately and those liberals shamed, shouted down, arrested – and if need be, taken to the woodshed. You personally have to make the decision as to ‘how big’ that woodshed needs to be.
The conservatives and the Constitution won this election. We have done this before and squandered the chances to get this country back to what it was – a capitalist beacon of freedom, liberty, justice for all and the only super-power on earth.
We have to do it this time. God will not give us another chance. Act wisely – but forcefully – against all liberals. They cannot be tolerated in any way, shape or form any more.
God, please give us the strength to win this second Civil War. Amen.

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