Thursday, October 06, 2016

Absea98 Wins for the 2nd Time in 2016 - and Some Survivor Tips

Absea98 just floored the competition.

Absea98 beat a field of nine to win for the 2nd time this year and moves into contention for the final quarter seat in the NPP Finals.

2nd - Rjmech (who is heading on a long live tournament schedule shortly! Good luck RJ!)
3rd - Theedouble*d
Bubble - Derf-63

Congratulations to Absea98 on his 15th NPP win.

With the hurricane bearing down on Florida, Faldo thought it would be a good tome to give a little advice from a real civilian war survivor:

1. Living near a well with a manual pump is like being in Eden. Of course lakes and streams are second options, but the competition will be fierce. Think of the wildebeest trying to get a drink from an alligator infested pond.

2. After a while, even gold will lose it's luster. There is no greater luxury in a survivor situation than toilet paper. It's surplus is greater than gold.

3. Canned foods are awesome. So are a few good can openers! It is especially good if the contents in the cans tastes fine unheated.

4. Another great thing to have is canned gravy. It is inexpensive and will make a lot of dry unappetizing things edible. It only needs to be warmed enough to eat and doesn't have to be 'cooked'.

5. Books are a good thing to have around. Mysteries, romance novels and adventure stories become more valuable as time goes on. Picture the world without internet or TV and you have to save your radio power for just news bulletins. Plus, the paper is a good fire starter.

6. And we do need to feel human. Toothpaste and soap will make any situation more tolerable.

7. Slow burning candles.

8. Matches, matches, matches!

9. Gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, etc - you get the idea. Not for drinking - necessarily - but to disinfect items or injuries in a pinch.

10. Some bleach. A drop of bleach in a gallon of water to kill bacteria if you can't boil it. A drop of bleach and boiling the water is even better.

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