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Best States or Socialist Republic of Michigan Counties to Live In

Yeah. What is up with that?

Well, since our country's last  election is only a month away or so, Faldo thought it was time to give you the list of the states that are considered most gun friendly.

Faldo will also give you what are considered the most conservative states in the union.

As you will see, being a 'conservative' state doesn't always mean it is gun friendly. Faldo doesn't get it. How can you be one without the other? But these are the current lists.

Living in these states (both if possible) may help you survive the zombie apocalypse  a little longer when the SHTF.

Gun Friendly
1. Arizona - a bit of a surprise to Faldo because it is a semi - liberal haven.
2. Alaska - Well, yeah. Either that or you are lunch for a grizzly instead of the other way around. But a welfare haven state so it will not make the conservative state list.
3. Utah - Faldo did not expect this state to be that high on guns.
4. Kentucky - Relaxed gun laws and great bourbon. Faldo found his retirement villiage. Oh, wait, another welfare haven for deadbeat parents.
5. Vermont - WOW! A state surrounded by gun Nazi states, and #2 on the state's most liberal list. This state loves guns and votes for the party that wants to take them away from them every single year. Now try to  argue with Faldo when Faldo says liberals are mentally ill.
6. Wyoming - Expected this state to be in the top five at least. But then again, it doesn't make the conservative state list.
7. Kansas - About right. But doesn't make the conservative state list.
8. Montana - Another state Faldo expected in the top five.
9. Georgia - About right. But a welfare haven.
10. Alabama.
Honorable mentions:
11. Texas - this was a shock in one respect. But then again Faldo expected the citizens of Texas to have sealed their border with a wall or a citizen's militia - with or WITHOUT the permission or sanction of their state or federal government. Instead of "Don't mess with Texas", Faldo thinks they changed their state saying to "Mess with Texas and we will let you, while lecturing you to death about how tough we still are."
12. Missouri
13. New Hampshire - A small shock here. But it is a semi-conservative oasis surrounded by liberal cess-pools.
14. Florida - Like Texas, with all the drug traffic, citizens would be sitting ducks without their weapons. Like they are in Chicago, Detroit, New York, New Jersey, California, etc.
15. South Carolina - Ok

Now the top ten most conservative states:
1. Mississippi - Not on the gun list. Why? Or why #1 on the most conservative list?
2.  Alabama - And #10 on the gun list. Looking like a good state so far.
3. Louisiana - Faldo is not buying this one. Welfare and corruption is a staple in this state - which shouts Democrat. And they are not on the gun list, which speaks volumes.
4. Utah - First state that was ranked conservatively where they rank gun wise. The state with the best average score possible!
5. Arkansas - If this state is so conservative, why couldn't they make even honorable mention on the Gun States list? Didn't Bill Clinton pollute the governor's chair in that state before?
6. Tennessee - Not buying this one either. Tennessee has turned into a welfare and illegal alien haven. Faldo lived in this state for a couple years in Faldo's late teens. Faldo knew the Volunteers when they had more onions than this. A pathetic shell of a once proud state. They should change their handle from the Volunteers to the "We Volunteer to Bend Over."
7. Montana - very close to it's gun score. Average of 7.5 to Utah's 4.0 and Alabama's 6.0.
8. Idaho - Not on the gun list? Why????
9. Oklahoma - Texas has a little brother and the Sooner State is it. So little, they could not make the gun list either. Another big - WHY not? Is Sooner Oklahoman for 'girly-men'?
10. South Carolina - Average score - 12.5. Ok, you qualify SC.

Only four states seem to be ultra conservative and ultra 2nd amendment;
South Carolina

Faldo's pick would be..........Montana!
Utah - 2nd
Alabama - 3rd - warm weather would eventually draw a lot of refugees when the SHTF.
South Carolina - 4th - ditto to Alabama and too close to Washington, DC

To give you a perspective as to how conservative and how gun friendly these states are, we will use the the Socialist Republic of Michigan as a base mark. The Wolverine state has miles and miles of conservative space and a few huge cesspools of major corrupt cities of liberalism that push our ranks about 35th in both gun rights and conservatism.

This brings up another question - what counties in Michigan would have enough conservatives in there to actually fight with you when the SHTF? How about a top 10 or 15 list of the most conservative counties in Michigan to help real Americans to know where your fellow Constitutional citizens are:

1. Ottawa - 67%
2. Missaukee - 66%
3. Hillsdale - 62%
4. Livingston - 61%
5 - 8. Antrim - 60% - Dickenson - Luce - Sanalac
9. Alcona - 59% - Barry - Branch - Kalkaska - Otsego
14. Emmet - 58% - Montmorency - Newaugo
17. Midland - 57%

IF you have to live in the Socialist Republic of Michigan, these look like the counties to be in.

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