Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pre01 Wins His 1st of 2013 and Takes the 3rd Quarter Lead

Adrianna Lima has a bud or two for Pre01.
A strange night as three of our thirteen players blinded out. No matter as it was still an extremely tough field Pre01 had to maneuver thru.
The 3rd quarter just started – so get in here and fight for a seat in the NPP Final. Eleven tourneys left in this quarter.
On to the action:
22 min: Douge2 (13th) hits two pair but Tomservo2 has trip Tens.
28 min: A short-stacked Derf-63 (12th) has a pair of Fives, but Absea98 has a pair of Tens.
46 min: Theedouble*d (11th) blinds out.
47 min: Wingsfancurt (10th) blinds out.
52 min: A SS LittleRedElf (9th) has to go with (Kd Jd) is double-teamed by Lump2 with (TT) and the winner Mikeniks-Faldo with (JJ).
54 min: A SS Lump2 (8th) runs into T3chlady’s full house.
1st break:
Tomservo2    5280
Absea98   4825
Pre01   2850
T3chlady   2530
Mikeniks-Faldo     2100
K9isadog    1655
Greggst49    260
69 min: Greggst49 (7th) blinded out.
87 min: T3chlady (6th) has (QQ) but K9isadog has (KK)! Ouch!
95 min: A SS Absea98 (5th) loses a coin flip with (AT) to Pre01 with (44).
97 min: A SS Mikeniks-Faldo (4th) has to go with (AT) but K9isadog has (TT).
2nd break:
Pre01   11810
K9isadog   4750
Tomservo2   2940
125 min: A SS Tomservo2 (3rd) goes with (A3) but Pre01 has (66).
Heads Up:        Pre01      12,800      -     Theedouble*d      6,700
127 min:  K9isadog (2nd) has to go with (22) but Pre01 has (AT) and wins the coin flip with an [A] on final board.
Congratulations to Pre01 on his 6th NPP win!
1st – Pre01
2nd – K9isadog
3rd – Tomservo2
4th – Mikeniks-Faldo
5th – Absea98
6th – T3chlady
7th – Greggst49
8th – Lump2
9th – LittleRedElf
10th – Wingsfancurt
11th – Theedouble*d
12th – Derf-63
13th – Douge2
The 3rd Quarter Standings and the Total Point Standings are on the right side of the blog!

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