Friday, May 03, 2013

Yahoo Review on May 3, 2013

Polish right wing protestors caused disturbances at the government offices, attempting sit-ins, as socialist bureaucrats attempted to pass laws further limiting freedom in that country. The article on Yahoo could have been taken from the 1960’s US papers, when our left wing hippies were rioting and taking over college campuses – but with one change. But in the 1960’s the left wing press was sympathetic to the hippies, calling them heroes for speaking out against the “establishment” for freedom (actually the hippies wanted communism). If the police acted against the hippies in the 1960’s the press called the police barbarians for even arresting and dragging the left wing protestors off to jail. Yahoo writes the article about the police stopping the right wing protestors rioting for actual freedom, as a victory for peace – and even hint that the police should be even more brutal than they already were (several protestors dead). I think only a mass machine gunning down of every conservative present would have satisfied MSNBC, Yahoo and the Associated Press. My how the times have changed.
I see Ultimate (on-line) Poker is opening up in Nevada. No word yet after almost two years of what the United States government (ie, the Democrat-Mafia-Commie Thugs) are doing with the $500 billion or so PokerStars paid in cash. The money was given to the criminal enterprise masquerading as the United States government in order to pay back Full Tilt players, to buy the Full Tilt software and name and to grease the wheels for PokerStars return for US players. Good luck with that PS and players.
Yahoo dutifully reported how there was a drop in approval numbers for five US senators that voted no on the Obama Administration’s latest attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment. No report on the dive bomb drop of approval on every Democrat senator that voted for it.
Yahoo also ran a story on how retiring at 66 is probably not a good idea for you. Really? Who wrote that article - the Social Security office or the Treasury Department? Folks, your Social Security money is long gone. It was all stolen and spent by Democrat president Lyndon Baines Johnson, to pay for the Vietnam War. All the Social Security lock box has in it is worthless IOU’s from Johnson. Notice Yahoo did not even consider that you could retire at 60, 62 or even 65. Heck 66 is no good either, says Yahoo. After all, getting the money back you paid into your retirement account is ….just un-American. Yahoo says, keep paying in and keep working until you die naturally – or Obamacare gives you a pill. That is all. Now go back to work you serf.
Meanwhile, The People’s Republic of California continues to lead the United States in the effort to destroy the United States. Illegal immigrants already enjoy free healthcare, college tuition, and driver’s licenses. The Democrats are pushing thru legislation to allow illegal immigrants to serve on juries and become lawyers and judges also. Just think – US citizens being tried and sentenced by Mexican citizens – right here in the United States. Makes you just want to dance the Macarena at a Cinco de Mayo parade doesn’t it?
Meanwhile, the liberals in Boston are doing everything they can to call the bombing there an isolated incident that we should understand is actually our fault! After all, according to the New England liberals, the United States is the great Satan, and these immigrants using our welfare system in order to kill us all, are to be understood – not tried as war criminals. Break a leg liberal Boston…..if yours is still attached that is.

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Hope and Change. What a joke Obama is.