Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lump2 Wins His 3rd Tourney of the Year

Erica Hosseini waits by the shore for the NPP Leader - Lump2
He missed last week, but he came on strong this week. Lump2 takes over the 2nd Quarter lead and the lead in total points also! Nice job Lump2.
We had fifteen players for the second straight week, but with a slightly different line up. Players that were here last week, were not here this week and vice-versa.
I think we have a BIG night happening soon. We might have a few new players joining shortly. I sure hope so.
There is plenty of time to get in the best poker league on the internet. Just send an email to npokerp at yahoo .com and you will be given the password.
On to the action:
21 min: Wingsfancurt (15th) Missed it playing a hand and then I was moved to another table.
48 min: A short-stacked (SS) Derf-63 (14th) and Tigercub8189 (13th) run into ThePunk75’s (JJ).
51 min: T3chlady (12th) runs into Suetman123’s trip Tens.
54 min: Douge2 (11th) blinds out.
55 min: A SS 95corolla (10th) has to go with (A3) but Tomservo2 (KQ) with a [Q] on the turn.
1st break:
Suetman123   4160
Tomservo2   3415
ThePunk75   3050
Mikeniks-Faldo    2585
Rjmech   2505
Sanster89   2250
Absea89   2075
LittleRedElf   1580
Lump2   880
71 min: A SS Sanster89 (9th) runs into ThePunk75’s straight.
78 min: A SS Absea98 (8th) goes with (22) Tomservo2 pairs his Sevens.
87 min: A SS Suetman123 (7th) goes with (KJ) but runs into Mikeniks-Faldo’s (JJ).
98 min: A SS LittleRedElf (6th) pair of Tens is out-kicked by Lump2.
102 min: A SS ThePunk75 (5th) goes with (KJ) and runs into Rjmech’s (AsQs).
103 min: A SS Mikeniks-Faldo (4th) goes with (44) and loses to Lump2’s pair of Tens.
109 min: A SS Rjmech (3rd) runs into Lump2’s straight.
Heads up:        Lump2    17400    -      Tomservo2    5100
113 min: Tomservo2 (2nd) runs into Lump2’s full house.
1st – Lump2
2nd – Tomservo2
3rd – Rjmech
4th – Mikeniks-Faldo
5th – ThePunk75
6th – LittleRedElf
7th – Suetman123
8th – Absea98
9th – Sanster89
10th – 95corolla
11th – Douge2
12th – T3chlady
13th – Tigercub8189
14th – Derf-63
15th – Wingsfancurt
The 2nd Quarter Standings are on the right side of the blog!

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