Monday, December 31, 2012

Rjmech - in Las Vegas!

Someone said there was algae on the rocks in this Vegas pool. What rocks?
Today is my 5th day here and I am having a blast!
I am playing great poker and had 2 nice cashes.
I came in 20th out of 280 people in the Orleans Friday night tournament and came in 6th place at Caesar's Palace on Friday afternoon our of 80 entries.
I came in 14 yesterday in the Orleans $100 buy in just out of the money!  (paid 10 spots, 102 runners)

Notable Hands:
Fri night at Orleans.  I had AKs UTG and 70K chips blinds 2K/4K. I raised to 10K and a stack of 60K shoved all in. He had AA and that cripled me and ended by chances.
Boy, I had a real chance to win the $6750 first price if my AKs holds!  I was hoping he had AQo but would settle for a flip vs. TT, JJ, or QQ.
Fri PM at Caesar's Palace. I had 99 in the BB and 120K chips. Blinds 4K/8K. Cutoff goes all in for 125K, and I snap call. He had K9o but he hit a straight!! Ouch!
I am a 70% favorite plus and lose oh well.
Sat night at Orleans.  I had 33 in the SB and 60K chips. Blinds 2000/4000. Hijack moves all in with QTo for 60K I call cause I want to gamble!
Flop is 943. I hit a set!!  I think I win the hand but he has the ten of diamonds and the 9 and 4 on the board are diamonds.  Turn and river are both diamonds and I lose.
Oh well, $2800 was first prize. So close!
I am playing at the M Resort today at 2pm for the $125 buy in monthly tourney. Wish me luck! - Rjmech

Thanks for the report Rjmech!

Faldo going to Boother's for his annual New Years Day game tomorrow. Report to follow - if Faldo can still afford the internet connection after this game.

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