Thursday, January 19, 2012

Community Card Review - We’ve Got Lying, Cheating and Treasonous Americans to Defeat

A Reminder: A picture of Democrat voters and their feelings towards the military outwardly expressed - when a Republican is in the White House. I'll bet these same paid employees of the DNC are now working at the Occupy protests.

Governor of Wisconsin Republican Scott Walker was in office in January 2011 with a budget deficit of $3.6 billion.

Over the protests of the Democrat voting union thugs and the cowardly and treasonous Wisconsin Democrat lawmakers who fled the state to stop the voting on reform, Governor Walker made state employees to pay 12.6% of their salaries to their healthcare benefits. Private sector workers pay double that, by the way.

And he made them pay 5.8% towards their own retirement.

Gov Walker also gave the state workers the right to "opt out" of the union, so dues would not be automatically taken from their pay checks.

The results of just this little bit of reduction in state-worker union dictated entitlement spending was:

The school tax levies across the state of Wisconsin - for the first time in history - went DOWN!

The budget for 2012 is projected to be a $300 million SURPLUS without raising taxes or layoffs of government workers.

However, Governor Walker is targeted for a recall vote by the Democrat National Committee and the national union offices. Loss of UNION DUES is the real issue with the DNC and the union kingpins. The rest is all window dressing.

In order for the recall initiative to be started, signatures on petitions have to equal or surpass 1/4 of all ballots cast in the election that put Walker in office.

All the Democrat and union ballot box stuffing apparatus was turned on to gather the signatures needed. Names like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Adolf Hitler were deemed legal by a liberal judge, along with the signatures of a man who signed the petitions eighty times!

Who is it that opposes voting registration verification? The Democrats. Now you know why. Democrats want to cheat. They always cheat. They have to cheat. They can’t win unless they cheat – even with a school system and media monopoly.

Illinois Democrats proudly announced they were going to be the anti-Wisconsin - and tax their way to a balanced budget. And they got elected. Well, in the same amount of time, Illinois raised taxes 66%!

Illinois still has a 10% unemployment rate, still a huge fiscal deficit, and they just surpassed California as having the worst bond rating in the country.

The choice will be clear in Wisconsin when the next vote happens late this summer. Wisconsin can return to the Democrats and double digit tax increases, billion dollar deficits and record job loss - or stay the course and continue the momentum of increased jobs in the state, a balanced budget and tax freezes or rebates!

Citizens of Wisconsin will have to beat the Democrat and union election cheating and almost unlimited spending in lying advertising. If Wisconsin citizens want to win their state back from the Democrat socialists - now is the time.

Our entire nation faces the same decision in the next national election. The same cheating, lying, and billion dollar spending from the Democrat–Communists will happen along with the hit pieces from our main stream media propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

We have to beat the Democrats-Socialists-Communists-Union Thugs in November or become slaves. Pure and simple.

Decision time.

(PS: Unions are outlawed in China, Cuba and North Korea. Something to think about you pro-union Democrat voters. Be careful what you wish for.)


Anonymous said...

Isn't Govener Snyder getting blasted too for creating a budget surplus?!?! Isn't that a good thing?!?!?

Nik Faldo said...

Snyder is committing three sins;

1. He is a Constitution loving conservative.

2. He is proving - for all the world to see - that if you get rid of Democrats, the government works

3. and the worst offense of all, by allowing people to opt out of paying union dues, he is stopping a lot of the money flow to the Democrat Party via the money laundry operation known as the unions. That is the same as not paying protection money in Chicago. You have to be dealt with.