Monday, January 02, 2012

The NPP League Returns January 10

Relaxation time is over.

E-mails will be sent shortly also, but Faldo is ready to post the schedule.

The season will be 4 quarters again. The first three will be 12 tourneys in length and the last one only 11 tourneys.

Another change; we are going back to the 12 minute blinds rather than the 15 minute blinds. The reason is simply that I think the tourney needs to be over in under 3 hours.

The schedule is this:

1st quarter: Jan 10th thru April 3rd, with Valentine’s Day night off (Faldo’s wedding anniversary and I don’t want to be killed in my sleep). Twelve games.

2nd quarter; April 10th thru June 26th. Twelve games.

3rd quarter: July 10th thru September 25th. Twelve games

4th quarter: October 2nd thru December 11th. Eleven games.

NPP Final: December 18th.

Here is hoping everyone had a good holiday and will have a great year ahead. Faldo did and is planning on it!


k9 said...

miss kerr headlights and a hat

Anonymous said...

can we get some non holdem games mixed in each quarter?


Nik Faldo said...

Punk, I have suggested that a few times myself.

Most of our current players only play holdem. We would not have enough players.

Wish we could.

Anonymous said...

I think readers would take your articles more seriously if you did not accompany them with pictures of barely-dressed young women.

Nik Faldo said...

I'm sorry, but the readers of this site DOUBLED when I started adding pictures of women desiring to be close to Faldo.

Readership DOUBLED!!!

From 2 to 4.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon...get away from the barely-dressed young women....please go to FULL NUDE ones!!!


Anonymous said...

From 2 to 4? Trust me I know all to much.
Mrs. Faldo