Saturday, January 21, 2012

Faldo Returns to the Felt at Matchy’s Poker Room

Just a reminder - BoDog Poker and Sportsbook is now closed to US Players. Ahhhh, the sweet stench of our freedom dying.

By the way, Matchy's Poker Room can’t be Matchy’s Poker Palace because of copy right laws. NPP’s team of powerful lawyers (Dewey, Cheetem and Howe) would swoop down and take every chip, table, and chair – and then work on getting the CPA licenses pulled from every math-challenged accountant playing in that room. Of which there are several.

Anyway, Faldo returned to the poker wars for the first time in 2012. It was a great game. It was lots of laughs and stories, along with great poker. Everyone participated in the frivolity except for Boston Dave – who we have to help get over his shyness.

Matchy introduced a new poker oval poker table to MPR and it was a nice addition. The padded arm rest really helps in the comfort area, and the cards slide easily and that helps with the dealing. Nice job Matchy.

The table was filled – in order of seating number by:

1 – Boother36
2 – Artic1Blast
3 – Boston Dave
4 – Mikeniks-Faldo
5 – Silent Chris
6 – Stanley Cup Tim
7 – River Dennis
8 – Matchy
9 – 95corolla

The synopsis (I bought this word from the website Smartwordsfordumbbloggers dot com) of the six hour game [HOPE – Holdem, Omaha, Pineapple, Omaha8 rotation] by seat was;

1 – Second best great hands all night – stealing a Faldo trademark.
2 – Shoulda raised Boston Dave out of his seat all night
3 – Hit every flop all night, but took it easy on us. Big winner.
4 – Faldo hit every river all night but too bad he folded
5 – Chris just quietly kicked butt. 2nd winner.
6 – Tim bluffed Faldo out of 954 pots.
7 – Dennis lost so many hands on the river, he thought he was Faldo playing on PokerStars.
8 – Matchy made a comeback
9 – and 95corolla had the same plight as Faldo – river hits while on the sidelines.

A special thanks to 95corolla for the cigars – hand picked as a gift for Faldo since Faldo blogged he had not tried them yet. Several Licenciados and La Flor Del Caneys will be heading 95corolla's way.

And a SUPER special thanks to 95corolla’s son – a marine serving in Afghanistan. God bless him!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting the game Chesky!! It was a good time. Too bad my luck was on par with the weather…shitty and cold. I was MassHole’s second place bitch all night. BTW - nice table too!!


Anonymous said...

Great to see Faldo back out, and he has not lost his edge! Thanks to all for making it over despite 3 inches (thats what she said). I hope to host many more!

Gary "Absea98" said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! Tip of the cap to 95corolla’s son. Kudos to all that defend our country!

Anonymous said...

Matchy - did you build your poker table?

Anonymous said...

I was going to build one but I happened upon a guy from the Kalamazoo area that is trying to start up a poker table side business and we struck a deal I was happy with on a well built table. I figured if I built one it would be my first and contain about 10 mistakes so I would want to build another one anyway.

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