Monday, June 13, 2011

Community Card Review - Democrats Give the One-Finger Salute to Voters

A few hours before the Senate voted to keep the government running with a “temporary” spending measure – again – Speaker of the House Republican John Boehner and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had a verbal spat.

Speaker Boehner stated that Reid needs to explain why the Senate has not taken action on the House’s budget proposal, and also explain to the American people why the entire Congress had not passed a budget – as Constitutionally demanded they do – in the years since the Obama Regime was elected.

The reason is simple, of course. The Democrats do not want a record of their massive spending and debt of this nation to go on record for the voters to see.

“I’m not sure Senator Reid has a plan to cut spending. If he does, I think the American people would like to see it. If he doesn’t, I think he owes the American people an explanation,” Boehner said.

Well this sent Dirty Harry Reid into a fit of rage. Reid replied, “That’s tough talk coming from somebody being bossed around by a bunch of freshmen.”

That one statement by Reid says it all. One, of course, is that Reid thinks career politicians are the only ones that matter.

Two, in November Democrats got slaughtered at the ballot box. In the House of Representatives alone, 87 Republicans replaced Democrats who backed socialism.

Around the country 700 Democrats lost re-election. The American people spoke in a loud voice that they wanted this reckless spending, debt and abject socialism/communism stopped. The American people did this in a loud and committed voice with your votes. The American people fired Nancy Pelosi, Obamacare and all the debt spending ways of a bunch of the Democrat spending governors.

But after all of that, Harry Reid ridicules the new House Speaker for actually listening to you the voter. Think about that for a minute. Seriously, think about that, and what Reid is really saying.

Harry Reid pretends he is “flipping off” the new Speaker and his brand of freshman representatives in Congress.

No, he isn’t. That Democrat – and that Democrat Party is flipping off the American people and your vote.

PS: Think about this also. The Democrats routinely just plain ignore our Constitution when it does not fit their desires. That means you the citizen has no power with Democrats in charge. You are - in their eyes - a slave, a serf, a servant to them.

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