Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Top Five Sites for Big Tournaments

Well my criteria will be a little different than most people. My number one issue is the availability and quantity of cheap or free big tourneys.

My sickness is I don't really play for money. I play to win. The amount I am playing for is never the issue with me. I keep my stats in betting units. I would play the same game if we are playing for match sticks as I would if it were the WSOP Main Event. I just don't have a 'it's only X, so I call' gear.

Of course I keep track of actual profit and loss, but especially in tournaments - winning them is my main focus and not the monetary reward for winning.

My second criteria is the number of chips you start with versus the blinds. I hate being short stacked quickly and having to gamble early.

For that reason also, I don't like to see alot of 'rebuy' tourneys on the list either. Those things are like bingo games with 4 people out of ten going all in every hand until the first break. Even if you survive, two or three lucky players have ten to twenty times the chips that your 'add-on' will be. As the guys at NPP know, gambling is not my strong suit, so I don't like rebuy tournaments.

My last criteria is having a good number of players available to play in the tourneys to make them big in the first place.

1. Poker Stars - Who else?
2. World Poker Exchange - 100% Rake give back on all play!
3. Absolute Poker - Plenty of Freerolls
4. Gaming Club - Tons of low cost tourneys
5. Bugsy's Club - You start tourneys with 10,000 chips

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