Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Site Crashed!

As you can see the year and a half of NPP history has been wiped out in a blog crash.
Fourputt will be working to get the site looking as spiffy as it did before. He will also be looking into back up options. Fourputt and I will be in deep negotiations at a Hooters somewhere, in order to formulate a strategy. We will at least until the beers kick in.

I will try to get some of the internet review stuff back on here for our readers that are not part of the NPP game.

In the meantime, I have seen no July game dates come rolling in. I heard rumors that the 15th or 22nd is no good for some and thanks to my daughter changing apartments, the 29th is out for me.

So, in honor of the blog crash, we will have to wait until August for the next NPP game. I propose either the 12th, 19th or 26th. Get your votes in this time! - Nik

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