Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Best Internet Sites for Sit and Go Tournaments

The secret to making money in Sit and Go Tournaments is to win them. Just kidding.
Obviously you have to finish in the money around 50% of the time to be profitable.

But the real thing a player must do is make sure they don't pay any more than the standard 10% rake fee. If you play at the higher limits, this is not a problem as all poker sites stay to the 9% or 10% guidelines.

I personally think 10% is too high and makes it virtually impossible for all but the best players to stay above even in SNG's. But that seems to be the fee that is still selling tourneys.

You have to make sure as a player you do not pay 15% to 25% juice to enter any tournament - but especially SNG's. Some of the $1 SNG's have a 20% or 40% juice rate in order to play. You just could never win enough to stay profitable. Even playing for entertainment, the extra juice money will grind you to powder quicker than you think - just like taxes.

It would be better to play at a much higher tourney fee SNG and pay only the 10% juice - than to play at the lower stakes and pay that high fee. The rake money disappears into a black hole and you cannot win it back.

Here are the five best sites for playing $5 SNG's as they only charge the 10% rake and have plenty of players to make sure you are not sitting too long when you want some tourney action:

1. Poker Stars
2. BoDog Poker
3. Full Tilt Poker
4. Ultimate Bet Poker
5. The Gaming Club

Good luck - Nik


Fourputt said...

Thank you Nik!

tolly said...

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Nik Faldo said...

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Fourputt said...

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And thanks a pantload for obviously smoking Tolly's gift from me.

Nik Faldo said...

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No such label was on it.
And we traded cigars at the time so how was that a cigar for the birth of your (2nd) daughter?

tolly said...

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