Monday, June 05, 2017

Tomservo2 Wins for the 6th Time in 2017

The rest of NPP has started to drink heavily to ease their pain of Tomservo2 beat down.
Well Tomservo2 is on pace to set a record for season wins. And please don't tell the leaders for the 2nd quarter seat that they would be a distant second to Tomservo2 if he was eligible for this quarter. After all, he already won the 1st quarter.

2nd - LittleRedElf
3rd - Derf-63
4th - GMOgolf
Bubble - Mikeniks-Faldo

Congratulations to Tomservo2 on his 27th NPP win!

Now some more of Murphy's Laws:

Celibacy is not hereditary.

Whoever has the gold, makes the rules.

Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself.

The chance of a jelly covered piece of bread falling face down on the carpet is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.

No matter how long you shop for an item you want, the price will drop right after you purchase it.

No one's life, liberty or property is safe when Congress is in session.

The other line always moves faster.

Anything you try to do yourself will cost way more and take way longer than you ever thought it would.

A $1000 television will burn up in order to protect a $1 fuse or $10 plug surge protector.

If it jams or is stuck, force it with a hammer if necessary. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

Nothing is impossible for the man who does not have to do it himself.

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