Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Michigan Women Gear Up for ‘A Day Without a Woman’

Women are encouraged to wear red, take off work and not spend money on Wednesday

"Women throughout Metro Detroit and the nation plan to wear red, take off work and not spend money to support “A Day Without a Woman” on Wednesday."   Read the rest of the article here.

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How did men deserve this "A day without nagging and them spending our money?"

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As Faldo explains:

These types of stunts are exactly why liberal women DO NOT deserve to be paid the same as men. Liberal women are spoiled, selfish and deep down lack a sense of self worth.

They garner their self worth by complaining and trying to make everyone else as miserable with the world around them as they are.

Men do not join pointless movements, and do not take days off from supporting their families for no good reason, and do not attempt to hurt other people's businesses because elections do not go their way.

Of course liberal men are not men at all. They are scared, gutless losers in need of a government to care for them.
And liberal women are not real women.

Real women can survive without an all powerful government supplying their every need, while taking their freedom.

And real women demand men be real men.


Nik Faldo said...

A day without women? Wow! What did men do to deserve a day without nagging?

Anonymous said...

Who's going to make my sammich?

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