Friday, June 10, 2016

Derf-63 Wins for the 2nd Time in 2016

Derf-63 wins ......two.
Derf-63 gets his second victory of the 2nd quarter and year, but he doesn't have enough points to be a factor this quarter. More later.

2nd - Johnnied55
3rd - Absea98
4th - Mikeniks-Faldo
5th - 95corolla
Bubble - T3chlady

There are only two players who can win the 2nd quarter and that is the Leader - Douge2 and the one in 2nd place - T3chlady.

The bubble finish for The Lady did not help.

But poker players give no one mercy and the Total Point Race still has a half a year to go.

So, next week we will all be trying to win and where Douge2 and T3chlady finish is up to them - and the cards.

Congratulations to Derf-63 on his 25th NPP win!

As I write this, it was just announced that the great hockey player Gordie Howe just died at age 88.

To tell you what this man means to people in Hockey Town, I have a nephew who's middle name is Gordon - after the Great #9.

Faldo has his own story concerning Gordie Howe. Here it is:
Gordie and some others were giving a clinic for beginner hockey players and they were on the ice prior to a Faldo league hockey game.

Faldo and his teammates watched #9 move smoothly and gracefully over the ice, even in his 50's. Heck, he was still playing - or just finally retired in his mid 50's.

Anyway, we retired to our locker room to dress. When we came out and lined up to jump on the ice, the Zamboni was still cleaning the ice. As we waited for the Zamboni to finish, Faldo noticed that Gordie was sitting on our bench!

Now he was not in the bench, but perched on the dasher with his skated in our bench, resting on the actual bench. People were hanging out over the half-plexiglass behind our bench getting autographs and taking pictures of Gordie as he signed whatever they handed him.

Finally, the Zamboni finished and our Captain opened the door and my team started onto the ice to warm up prior to our game. As Faldo got close to the door, Faldo made a right turn into the bench - rather than jumping on the ice.

Faldo walked up to Gordie Howe and said, "How is it going Gordie. Long time no see!", and Faldo reached out to shake his hand. He extended his hand with a slightly confused look on his face.
As we shook hands, Faldo turned to the crowd and said, "Folks, Faldo can only stay for a few pictures and then Faldo has to go."

With that, Faldo put his arm around Gordie Howe and turned to the crowd. The flash bulbs were a poppin as fast as they could push their little camera buttons!

After a minute or so, Faldo put up his hand and said, "Sorry folks, but my teammates are waiting. Good to see you Gord. Later."

With that, Faldo jumped over the boards and started skating with his teammates, skating as fast as possible and doing crossovers and skating backwards and anything else Faldo could do to look like he knew what he was doing out there.

The flashbulbs were now still on Faldo, and Gordie Howe was occasionally glancing over his shoulder trying to figure out where he had met Faldo before.

My teammates skated by me and asked, "Do you really know Gordie?" And Faldo assured them he did.

After the game, Faldo had to fess up that the closest he ever was to Gordie Howe before that moment was that my mother got his autograph for me once in a restaurant they were both eating in.

Gordie Howe was gracious at all times to all people. Faldo tries to emulate Gordie.

Rest in peace #9.

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