Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Theedouble*d Wins for the 2nd Time in 2016! - More Faldo Truths

That would be a double win for DD waiting for him on the NPP private beach.
Faldo makes a little joke at the start of the night that .....maybe......Theedouble*d and Faldo would not let anyone else win a tournament in 2016.
Theedouble*d agreed that that was a good plan......and then proceeded to win AGAIN!

Uh, Faldo was just kidding DD. Apparently Theedouble*d was not?

Tim481 played thru an extremely tough final table to nab 2nd place tonight out of the 18 player field.

3rd - LittleRedElf (told you it was a tough final table)
4th - ThePunk75 (ouch)
5th - Mikeniks-Faldo (ok - one weak player at the final table)
6th - Johnnied55 (double ouch)
7th - Lump2  - (triple ouch)

Lump2 took Faldo's usual spot of bubbling just off the points.

So Theedouble*d increased his lead in the 1st quarter and shows he will be a tough one to unseat. Who is up for the challenge?

Congratulations to Theedouble*d on his 20th NPP victory and he moves further up the Walk of Fame!

Now more Faldo Truths:

How is it that the Democrats can say in their debates that there is so much unfairness, inequity, prejudice, cronie-capitalism and that the rich are not paying enough taxes - so vote for them and it will all get fixed? How can they say that without someone in the media asking them - "Uh, haven't you been running the presidency for the last 8 years and the Congress for 6 of those 8 years? You have, so why is all this still going on then?" Why is this question not asked of the Communists running for president for the Democrats?

Faldo wants to know where Rev. Jacksoon and Rev. Al Sharpton get their money? Why are they always part of the problem and never the solution? When 70% of criminals are Americans who happen to be Black on only 15% of the population, something is wrong with how these to Reverends are working it. When 70% of Americans who happen to be Black are in no parent or one parent homes, something is wrong with what these two are preaching. This is not racial profiling - this is quoting statistics.

Faldo refuses to buy the lie of "its for the children" as a reason to raising taxes or shoving yet another socialist program down the taxpayers throat. And if you are not paying taxes, Faldo says you should not have a vote on whether or not taxes should be raised. IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY!

Faldo has the right NOT to be tolerant of people that are different, weird or tick me off. I may decide to be tolerant - but I may not - and it is my right not to be.

Faldo has never owned a slave nor was a slave. Faldo did not wander 40 years in the desert after being chased out of Egypt. Faldo have not been persecuted by the Ottoman Turks and neither have you. Faldo does not have to join any religion if he does not want to - and neither does anyone else. So everyone shut up already.

Faldo does not want to see towels or yarmulkes on heads, or scarfs over faces in public. Do that at home if you must. If you are an American, then act like one. Cowboy hats and baseball caps are fine. See the difference? If you wear the non-American garb in public, Faldo will respect your right to show you value something above your country and Faldo will respect your decision. Now respect Faldo's decision to be insulted by your grandstanding and disgusted with your disrespect for the USA that allows you the freedom to be a traitor in public. Faldo has the same disgust and disrespect for every Democrat and Democrat useful idiot voter.

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