Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Faldo Wins for the 1st Time in 2016 – And More Faldo Truths

Faldo luck shows up even on Death Row.
Faldo hit a full house to take out two big stacks, and he rode that huge chip lead to a win this week.

Even though we had a bigger than average field for tonight’s tournament, Faldo still did not garner enough points to overtake our League Leader – Theedouble*d.

LittleRedElf finished 2nd tonight.
3rd - T3chlady
4th - Suetman123
5th – Derf-63
6th – ThePunk75
7th – K9isadog – on the point bubble.

The standings are on the right side of the blog.

Now for some more Faldo truths. If the truth offends you, don’t read further.

Faldo doesn’t believe that if Faldo smokes 3 packs a day and die of lung cancer, it’s the tobacco company’s fault. Faldo made the decision to smoke, Faldo paid the high cost for those cigarettes and the tobacco collected the taxes on those smokes and dutifully handed them to the government. Any habit that starts with severe coughing fits is not one Faldo would continue anyway.

That same government is now hypocritically attacking the tobacco companies for driving up the cost of the communist health care system. The government wants it both ways – like liberals always do.

Democrat voters are mental or moral cripples or completely ignorant of history and how things actually work. Democrat politicians are power-hungry with serious ethical flaws in their characters – and sociopaths and narcissists besides. Being a socialist or communist is immoral and Godless by definition. If you want that form of government, most cess-pool nations in the world practice that liberal - Democrat form of government of communism. All you liberals are free to move to any of them. China and Cuba - or any European or Muslim run country should be your home. Canada may not be communist enough for you yet, so go up there and finish them off. Go now, before the eventual civil war in this country starts - on your head.

Faldo doesn’t think being a minority makes you a victim. We are all minorities – depending how you define groups. Liberals define everyone by groups and try to govern by pitting groups against each other. If you know anything about our nation’s Constitution, it is not based on groups. It is based on INDIVIDUAL rights. Liberals – by definition then – are traitors to our nation and should be dealt with accordingly.

More truth by Faldo given next week.

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