Thursday, October 15, 2015

Johnnied55 Wins His 1st NPP Event!

Next week Johnnied55 goes for back to back wins.

Johnnied55 becomes the 75th player to win an NPP event. Congratulations John, and Faldo is sure it will not be your last one. And welcome to the Walk of Fame!

With this win, John also gets a seat in the NPP Tournament of Champions – in which the winner also gets a seat in the NPP Final.

But John may not need that as he joins the crowd of people still on the pursuit of 4th quarter leader Suetman123. Sue (Claudia) continues to amass points with a 4th place finish. So the chasers better get busy as they have their work cut out for them.

But then again, that is the fun!

Absea98 added to his overall point total lead and robbed the point needy with a 2nd place finish.

ThePunk75 also stole points from the needy with a 3rd place finish.

Speaking of fun, this is the best poker tournament league on the internet. Be here if you love poker!

Faldo had to miss to attend to some family business. But he will be back to donate chips next week.

Congratulations again to Johnnied55 on his 1st NPP win!

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DERF said...

John - sorry I was on a cruise and wasn't able to see the WIN!! Party on !!