Friday, October 09, 2015

Douge2 Wins for the 2nd Time in 2015

Douge2's poker talents knocks the pants off Sally Fitzgibbons!

And the race tightens for the final seat in the NPP Final! Douge2 climbs back into contention with this win – and moves up quite a few spots on the Walk of Fame at the same time.

Tomservo2 and Douge2 treated spectators to a fierce heads – up battle tonight as neither wanted to let the other steal the victory.

Tomservo2 did pick up enough points to make his presence known near the top of the 4th quarter Leader board.

Johnnied55, an always dangerous opponent finished 3rd, and giving notice he is a force to be reckoned with when at the NPP table.

Racheael0388 reminded the guys that the gals got game too and she finished 4th and moves up the rankings also.

Mikeniks-Faldo hit 10 inside straights and 41 one-out rivers to finish 5th. Maybe it was 39 one out rivers. Faldo lost count. Faldo never wants to exaggerate. 

The crafty veteran Wingsfancurt started his gathering of 4th quarter points finishing 6th in a field of 18.

Well, Faldo said it before and will say it again; this is the best poker tournament and league on the internet. Be here!

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