Friday, July 19, 2013

Faldo Speaks on the Zimmerman – Martin

A citizen without a gun is a slave or a victim. 
Once Faldo speaks, there is nothing left to say. The truth was now spoken so let’s move on. Faldo is glad to be of service.
Some Hollywood liberal by the name of David Simon – a liberal who makes his living making TV shows about violence and killing – says that after the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trail, he was ashamed to be an American. Other things he said, like “its open season on blacks in Florida” are just insane.
Well I got news for you Simon. You are not a true American and real Americans are ashamed you call yourself one. You are even too stupid to see what a hypocrite you are. You make your living off of stories depicting dangerous black men. You promote this stuff. Simon, you are a liberal – which means you are mentally ill.
This is a tragic story of a young man being justifiably killed because he was not allowed to freely go about his business of robbing people’s homes undetected. The deceased was in a neighborhood looking to steal things and leave. But detected he was, and Martin felt his rights as a thief were being infringed upon.
Now normally thieves will call it a day and try their luck tomorrow or at least at another location. But this thief was high enough on – something - to take the infringement personal. It was not just  about people wanting to keep the property they earned. It was about Martin being dissed – and by a ‘cracker’ no less.
So the deceased attacked a young man - Zimmerman - the citizen who was watching his ‘hood’ because there had been so many robberies lately. Probably most done by the hard working thief Martin.
Zimmerman called for help prior to the attack started by Martin. Zimmerman called 911. Zimmerman then tried to fend off the attack started by Martin and pleaded for assistance at the time of the attack. With no help arriving, Zimmerman pulled his self defense weapon and stopped the aggression – started by Martin. Period. Case closed.
Closed case - except for liberals, the liberal prosecutors and the liberal media - who wished it to be a race baiting event. A witch hunt and media frenzy was started by liberals fanning the flames of racism when none existed. The liberal media even coined a new race for the event calling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic”. So all of you with heritage from Peru, you are now classified as white Hispanics. The media hid all facts relevant to what and who Zimmerman was really up against that night - from the public.
Well the verdict of the sham trail came out with the only verdict that would be justice in a corrupt liberal persecution, Not Guilty. Several fired sheriffs came to that conclusion months earlier and lost their jobs because they would not bend to liberal prosecuting attorneys or their liberal agenda of race baiting and trying to unarm citizens for their eventual enslavement in a communist United States.
As a poker player, I have to look at the EV (expected value) of the plays I make and the cards I am dealt. I suggest the Democrat Party and the liberals who are upset with the verdict, do the same thing. If they look at the balance sheet of what was lost and gained, they won’t feel the need to act like they are still upset.
Well, they really are not upset as I will prove to you in just a second, but at least you will all realize what a complete acting job liberal compassion really is. The Democrats have looked at the balance sheet. Trust me, they do it more than capitalists do.
Ok, what did the liberals lose with the death of a young thug so early in life?
-         Minimum of 2 abortions performed on women the thug would have impregnated,
-         A minimum of 4 welfare children had by women the thug would have impregnated but they had the child instead,
-          Around 40 years of a prison cell vacant – and all the tax money saved that did not go to a union thru civil jobs,
-          Around 10+ years of welfare for the thug himself,
-          70 years of healthcare paid for by the people the thug robs when not in jail or impregnating welfare moms,
-          One less criminal – which means slightly less crime – which means less union and lawyer jobs again,
-          And last but not least, the Democrats may have made a few Hispanic voters actually angry - as they thru a so-called Hispanic to the wolves - to shore up their Black voting block.
But what did the Democrats gain? Well gain they did, which is why their rage is all an act. Democrats are happier than pigs in mud about this entire tragedy. Heck, the Not Guilty verdict was exactly what they wanted from this. Here is why:
+ More votes for the Democrat Party. Not only might this cause their base to go to the polls without bribes or busses loaded with pot and booze to take them to the polls – but dead Democrats vote more often and more consistently than living Democrats. And living Democrats are sometimes too stupid to even vote correctly. Martin can now vote many more times and in many more precincts and states than he could as a living Democrat.
+ This verdict can be a rally cry for race baiting for another decade at least.
+ White guilt with white liberals will now be so heavy that even the election of a Black communist Muslim as president for two terms of vacations, wasteful spending, corruption and decimation of the US economy, will not be enough. They will vote for Obama for a third term or even forever!
+ Taxpayer money was wasted by the bushel baskets of millions on liberal lawyers and judges – which in turn some is donated to the Democrat Party who makes it all possible.
+ The media had a story to create to take Obama’s destruction of the country, his ineptness, dereliction of duty and his corruption off the radar.
+ It gave the media riots and protests to incite – and then cover.
+ it hides the truth about what Democrat policies have done to the Black families and our urban cities a little longer. Every bankrupted and / or run down city or state is Democrat controlled for decades. But now that still won’t be discussed.
+ it hides the fact that real Black crime on both black and non-black Americans is 20 times more likely than White on Black crime.
+ It hides from the nation the story of a black man walking into a Detroit area Dollar Store, cold-bloodedly killing the white male clerk and abducting the young white female clerk. She was later found raped and dead. There will be no media circus over this one folks. Obama will not be bringing this case up in national press conference.
I think if a Democrat or a liberal ever could tell the truth, they would smile slyly and say, “Yeah, this worked out perfectly for us. Our machine is turning out more welfare/criminal/illegal Democrat voters by the millions. Another dead one is worth it. (snicker, snicker)”
Meanwhile, my fellow Americans paying for this fiasco – keep your powder dry - it will be needed soon. Something going to give…and soon.

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