Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ThePunk75 Wins in a Breeze

ThePunk75 floored the competition!
ThePunk75 gets in the 2nd quarter mix with this win. He was on a roll tonight. Nice job Punk!
95corolla extends his lead this quarter however, with his second place finish. He is on a heater – not that he needs any help! Way to go 95corolla.
Still plenty of time for the rest of the league to try and heat up! But we have to get started.
On to the action:
10 min: LittleRedElf (17th) Missed it.
18 min: Sanster89 (16th) sees his pair of Aces run into Mikeniks-Faldo’s two pair.
25 min: Theedouble*d (15th) Missed it.
30 min: KingBing420 (14th) two pair loses to Douge2’s full house.
34 min: A short-stacked (SS) K9isadog (13th) sees his two pair lose to Lump2 trips.
36 min: A SS Suetman123 (12th) loses to ThePunk75’s trips.
37 min: A SS Absea98 (11th) has two pair but loses to ThePunk75’s trips. Again?
41 min: Derf-63 (10th) Missed it.
45 min: Wingsfancurt (9th) pair of Aces loses to 95corolla’s trip Kings on the river!
1st break:
Douge2   5835
95corolla    4752
Lump2   3818
ThePunk75   3270
Mikeniks-Faldo    3185
Pre01   2580
Tigercub8189   2035
Rjmech   25
69 min: Rjmech (8th) blinds out.
85 min: Mikeniks-Faldo (7th) sees his (QQ) run into ThePunk75’s (KK).
94 min: A SS Tigercub8189 (6th) is out-kicked by ThePunk75.
97 min: Douge2 (5th) Missed it.
99 min: A SS Pre01 (4th) loses to Lump2’s (QQ).
2nd break:
ThePunk75    13840
Lump2   10036
95corolla   1624
122 min: Lump2 (3rd) has (99), but ThePunk75 has (KK).
Heads Up:   95corolla       1500      -     ThePunk75      23000
125 min: 95corolla (2nd) is out-kicked by ThePunk75.
Congratulations to ThePunk75 on his 17th NPP win!
1st – ThePunk75
2nd – 95corolla
3rd – Lump2
4th – Pre01
5th – Douge2
6th – Tigercub8189
7th – Mikeniks-Faldo
8th – Rjmech
9th – Wingsfancurt
10th – Derf-63
11th – Absea98
12th – Suetman123
13th – K9isadog
14th – KingBing420
15th – Theedouble*d
16th – Sanster89
17th – LittleRedElf
The 2nd Quarter Standings and the Total Point Standings are on the right side of the blog!

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