Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Death of the United States by 1000 Cuts

I are a Amarikan voter edukadid by pubic skools.
Since the Democrats kneel at the knee of Mao, they learned of this great torture.

It was not one thing that destroyed the greatest country ever founded, it was many little things. But now that we have lost our desire to be the last bastion of true freedom on the planet, the end will come quickly now.
Who and what do I blame for the death of my country? Well, I have to look in the mirror first. I did not do enough to save her. I did some stuff. I did more than most people. But I didn’t do all I could.
My biggest sin – and God will call it a sin when my time comes – was I tolerated liberals. I worked along side liberals, I quietly ignored liberals, I broke bread with liberals, and I allowed them to be un-shunned members of my family for far too long. As the end of our nation comes, I of course will not be shown this courtesy by those same liberals. I will be turned over to the proper authorities for re-education.
Who are the other 999 that deserves my wrath for the death of my country?
The men of the United States deserve a lot of blame. They stopped being men. They allowed women to vote and the nation has been on decline ever since. They allowed feminism to get a foothold. They did not teach their daughters to go to church, to raise their own children and to not think of the government as their “real” husband.
They let women take their jobs in the workplace and many let the women run their lives. Women are socialists by DNA and if they think they need help, Big Daddy Government is where they turn. Communists know this. The fault lies completely with the men of this country. Women are just women guided by instinct. Men are supposed to know better.
The voters as a nation are to blame. Many conservatives stayed home, already realizing it was over. They didn’t try to educate mentally ill liberals. They didn’t challenge liberal policies, actions and discussion in public.
They didn’t take a stand at the local levels – especially with the school boards. They didn’t fight the slow but continuous increase in taxes that were then used to brainwash the children away from the foundation of this nation. Taxes were also used to keep people poor by making them dependent on tax money.
They were also used to pay some of the laziest people on the planet (yes – teachers and their administrators) insane salaries and benefits for nine months work – which kept those lazy people voting with the communists.
I blame the American who happens to be of African descent. You literally walked off one plantation as a slave to join another plantation called the Democrat Party. The communists destroyed your families, your neighborhoods (and the Democrats kept you in YOUR neighborhoods), your morals and your future. In truth, most “blacks” are worse off than before slavery ended. Maybe it’s a culture thing, but even though they were unlocked, you never unhooked your chains. Now we all will wear them.  
The media – completely overrun by brainwashed communists – was still watched, read and listened to by voters. News was filled with lies, embellishments, made up polls and twisted facts Worse yet, the truth about what the communists were doing to our nation was not reported. The voters – the majority – did not work to find out the truth. They turned on American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and The View, and remained blissfully ignorant – on purpose. You will pay for that for the remainder of your days now.
The businessmen and free workers tolerated unions. Formed by communists, unions and their mafia leaders - with the governments help - were allowed to run businesses instead of the owners and boards of directors. Then the union funneled workers dues to the communists. Businessmen tolerated insane hourly rates, benefit scales and work rules, just to make money until they retired and could leave the mess to the next guy. Just like a Ponzi scheme, eventually it collapses. The death of most great businesses – if not due to new technologies - are due to unions. Again, other truth businessmen instinctively knew but choose to ignore.
Literally every American who attended a college or watched a college football game is to blame. The nation’s universities are nothing more than a communist assembly line. Stick with me on this: their prices rise at a faster rate than gasoline, they get money from the federal and state, they get endowments from rich alumni, and not a single liberal-communist anywhere complains about “Big Education”. Ever wonder why? They are the epicenter of the communist brainwashing machine.
The churches are to blame. Communists-liberal-Democrats are godless and were never taken to task by the Christian religions of our nation. The churches tolerated them in their pews.
The Catholic Church did not excommunicate open abortion advocates. Other churches started day care centers so single moms could work – setting the stage for – you guessed it – more single moms. Our nation’s moral base was completely eroded by hypocrisy. Muslims are nothing if not consistent. People follow leaders and ideologies that never waiver.
Conservative and real Americans wavered. In the name of diversity, tolerance, civility, kindness, fairness and laziness, every single American in some way is to blame for the death of the United States.
This is my last political post. No need to educate any longer. It will not help. Collapse and civil war will now follow soon - then a world war against the Muslim religion.
The New World Order will be formed. Good luck with that.

Come on illegal Mexicans, get in the picture with the liberal. You helped too.

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