Saturday, September 15, 2012

Faldo’s Top 10 Most Hated Teams

USC Trojans tried to bribe Faldo to stay off the list. It worked.

It took 50 years to develop this list. Some teams have moved on and off the list of top twenty and even the top fifteen. But this collection of nine worthless teams has remained constant. Some shuffling has occurred, but not much.

But number ONE is fairly new. It arrived in 2006 and may not be leaving any time soon. It knocked the Pittsburgh Steelers out of the top ten. No small feat there.

Here is Faldo’s list in reverse order:

10. Boston Red Sox – Their fan’s liberal voting while in the meantime demanding the owners spend like their “big brother in New York, is the height of hypocrisy. Add their stupid sized ball park and their swagger based on always being “bridesmaids” is laughable. They are in a tailspin right now – and I love it. If it was not for the fact they hate the Yankees like I do, they would be higher on the list.

9. Green Bay Packers – Oh, they have been much higher. Especially when I was much younger. But I mellowed a little on them. They are a such an over-achieving franchise, it is hard not to not start liking them. But they have destroying my Sundays for decades by dismantling the Lions. So hate them I must.

8. U of Miami – Their thug-like football program, appearance and swagger, combined with their liberal leadership of the college makes me love watching them get slapped around today. They are an insufferable lot when they are winning. I still tune in their games – for the cheerleaders.

7. Minnesota Vikings – Fran Tarkington avoiding Alex Karras, The Purple People Eaters destroying Bill Munson, a host of running backs making swiss cheese of the Lion’s defense and a host of receivers catching last minute touchdowns to ruin my Sundays. Screw the Vikings!

6. Dallas Cowboys – The media adopted replacement for the New York Giants, when the New York Giants sucked. Anytime the media falls in love with a team that is the moment Faldo hates them. The egos of the owners, management and players on that team are always huge. Even when they suck, they still act like they ARE pro football. Just like my #11 most hated team – the Pittsburgh Steelers.

5. Boston Celtics – Why is this team ALWAYS on TV? The NBA is a fixed league. We all know that. How Boston was able to get Larry Bird is still one of the greatest hoaxes ever in sports. The other similar type hoaxes have happened in pro basketball for another team to be mentioned later. This is why I hate pro basketball – period.

4. Montreal Canadians – The arrogance, prejudice and ego of this franchise and fans is as sickening as ….well the country of France. Hey wait a minute….I see a trend. The fan base seriously wants all French Canadian players, coached by a French Canadian that preferably doesn’t even speak English. To top it off, they always beat the snot out of my Red Wings when I was a child. That hurt lingers even with the later revenge I have enjoyed now for years.

3. Los Angeles Lakers – To be this high on the list for a sport I don’t even care about tells you something. This bucket of manure of a franchise is a combination of the – loved by media Cowboys, the league fix is in Celtics, and the arrogance and ego of the Montreal fans – all rolled up in one franchise. Then add Hollywood celebrities to it. I hate this team!

2. The New York Yankees – Now we are at the top of the mountain. Take the worst from the other eight – multiply it by ten – and you have this team. Even their home uniform gets voted by the media as being better looking than the Detroit Tiger’s home uniforms – by professional ballot stuffers (also known as the Democrat Party). Everything about that town and that team is …just wrong, and needs to be hated.

1. Duke University – From their arrogant basketball team, to their liberal faculty brainwashing our children (but to be fair - that is most colleges), to their treatment of the Duke Lacrosse players in 2006 with no apologies, this school should and would be shunned in a sane world. How any thinking student would want to go there and why any thinking parent would send their child there is a mystery. And any alum that still donates money to this pathetic excuse for a college is either a mental defective or a communist.

Duke is #1 because at least the New York Yankees have not accused members of their organization of rape, and then punish them before the facts were learned.

Only the faculty in Ann Arbor could possibly stoop that low – and will someday.

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Always hated the NY Knicks as well!