Saturday, August 25, 2012

“Fast and Furious” – In a Nutshell

Idiot, moron, Marxist or traitor. You are one or all of these if you ever vote for a Democrat again. Pure and simple.

On December 14, 2010, in a remote area of Arizona, US Border Patrol finds a group of heavily armed illegal aliens.

With no respect for American law or those tasked with enforcing it, the illegal aliens opened fire. When it is over, Border Agent Brian Terry lay dead.

One of the illegal aliens was captured. He is charged with 2nd degree murder, illegal possession of firearms, unlawful entry into the United States and will go to trial someday. And regardless of the outcome, will no doubt some day return to Mexico to a hero’s welcome, and probably with an apology from the Obama Administration.

But the charges filed don’t go far enough. The illegal aliens obtained their weapons to kill Brian Terry from the Obama Administration’s ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running program. The Obama Administration purposefully sent high powered arms to some of the most violent criminals on Earth. The very people responsible for thousands of deaths, kidnappings and sex-slave trade throughout Mexico. Where is the ‘accomplice’ charges against Obama and Eric Holder, the Attorney General who ran the Fast and Furious program?

The intent of Fast and Furious was to blame American weapons and ‘lax’ gun laws for the violence – as a pretext for attacking and eliminating the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

For those of you in the People’s Republic of Ann Arbor, the 2nd Amendment states – and sit down and hang on to your bong pipe for this - that our government cannot disarm the citizens – ever.

Eric Holder, of the Obama Justice Department refuses to hand over documents concerning this abuse of power and has been charged with contempt of Congress. The #1 police officer in the nation is disobeying the very laws he is supposed to be enforcing. Standard liberal behavior I grant you. And our mainstream media remains silent on this topic.

Barack Hussein Obama backs Eric Holder, probably taking a page from Eric Holder’s playbook that said – and I quote – “My people will not be prosecuted.” HIS people. You got that Whitey and Amigo?

Brian Terry, before he joined the Border Patrol, was a US Marine. He lost his life protecting America, and was killed by guns supplied by the Obama Administration, that were put directly into the hands of rapists, drug runners, human traffic kidnappers, and murderers.

Every Democrat voter needs to be forced to vacation on a US - Mexican border town and bring their teenage or pre-teen daughters with them. But that is another story you are not hearing about from the main stream media.

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