Sunday, June 03, 2012

Faldo’s Hand of the Night

Faldo's fans are devastated  when Faldo loses.
ThePunk75 graciously mentioned Faldo’s near come-back from a stack of 1 big blind to a stack of 15 big blinds, before seeing his (AK) run into (AA).
This is how Faldo’s road to that short stack started:
Blinds 1000 – 2000
Faldo (80,000 chips), Villain (100,000 chips)
Faldo with (Qd Jd) in cut-off -1.
Table folds to Faldo who makes it 6000 to go. The Villain as the dealer calls and the blinds fold. 15,000 in pot

The flop is [Qh Js 9c].
Faldo bet 10,000. The Villain insta-calls. Is he slow-playing the straight or trips?
The turn is a [Ks]. 35,000 in the pot.
Faldo bets 10,000 again and gets insta-called again. Is the Villain on the draw or did he get there and is now slow-playing? Does he have trips, and is afraid of my possible straight?
The river is a [9h].
Faldo bets 20,000 and gets insta-called again! And the Villain shows (Ah Kc) to take the pot with the higher two pair he turned and rivered.

Did Faldo misplay this hand? If so, how?
I think this hand can be played many ways. Faldo first thought he butchered it. But now Faldo is not so sure.
Ok NPP Stars: Let’s hear your take.


Anonymous said...

Villian miss played against you and got lucky. AK on button and he just calls???? Come on. No reraise? Come on

But you did misplay after flop. I'd be all in after flopping 2 pair with there being a draw out there. Your 10k bet gave him 2.5-1 to call with his gut shot.

With this being your first time at the Stick and not knowing the players, I can't completely kill you on this hand.

IMO you have to shove there, take down the pot and have a nice day. If you get called with a better made hand so be it, thats poker. I'm comfortable going down with a flopped two pair there. The board was to strong to try and squeeze chips out of the player with single bets.


Anonymous said...

Your play was not incorrect. Except you were playing at the Electric Slick where every draw is a good draw if you make it affordable enough for the chaser. I also would of pushed much harder post flop because I have some experience at this poker room. Perhaps double the pot instead of all in? Either way, I do not fault your play here as much as I fault the play of the drawing donkey, who caught lucky. He is an (non eastern european) idiot who surely gave your chips away 5 minutes after he won them. LOL! DD