Thursday, June 21, 2012

Amarillo Slim – RIP

Amarillo Slim drew people to poker before there were other reasons to play.
 The winner of the first World Series of Poker – dead at 83.
Thomas Preston started out as a pool hustler, then turned poker player. He joined the likes of Doyle Brunson and Brian “Sailor” Roberts on Texas poker circuit, and forming a partnership with them.
The story is that Amarillo broke Doyle and Sailor and loaned them $2500 – enough to get home. The re-paid loan built a trust, and soon the three were sharing a bankroll and playing poker across the country and betting sports.
It was Amarillo Slim who first put poker in the national spotlight, appearing on the Johnny Carson Show (Tonight Show) ELEVEN times! You have to be able to spread the manure pretty well to do that.
Here is a list of Slim’s best one liners:
“You can shear a sheep many times, but you can skin them only once.”
“If there is something worth arguing about, bet on it or shut up.”
“That boy couldn’t track an elephant in four feet of snow.”
“If it was raining soup, he would be out there with a fork.”
“I knocked that off like a dead limb.”
“It was warmer than a widow woman’s love.
“Very seldom do the lambs slaughter the butcher.”
“All trappers don’t wear fur caps.
“She’s as pretty as a speckled pup under a red wagon.”
“What he smelled cookin, wasn’t even on the stove.”
“I had so many chips that a show dog couldn’t jump over them.”
“He’d put a rattlesnake in your pocket, and then ask you for a match.”
Rest easy Slim.

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