Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NPP at Electric Stick - THIS Wednesday - Like in 2 Days!

Kendra Wilkinson can't wait for Wednesday!
Just a "subtle" reminder of this coming Wednesday. See the Friday post of May 18 for details.

It is a Pick Your Poison tourney according to ThePunk75. See his comments on May 18.

Electric Stick  (734-467-1717) is a pool hall located at 6581 N. Wayne Rd. in Westland. A map shows it to be south of Warren Rd and north of Ford Rd, between Newburgh Rd. and Venoy Rd.

Poker is played in the Electric SLICK Poker room located inside. There is a fine Italian restaurant attached also, so come hungry! You won't regret it.

The tournament starts at 7pm and ThePunk75 informs Faldo that there will be 100+ players there.
See you there!

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Reformed Woody Stiffens said...

What on earth does the picture for this post have to do with its contents?