Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rjmech Wins 2016 NPP Player of the Year!

Edith Labelle waits for Rjmech in an NPP suite.
Rjmech rolls on!

Congratulations to Rjmech on his 24th NPP win in this annual exclusive Sit-n-Go.

This is also Rjmech 2nd NPP Player of the Year win!

2nd - T3chlady
3rd - Douge2
4th - Mikeniks-Faldo
5th - Derf-63
6th - Tomservo2
7th - LittleRedElf
8th - ThePunk75 - DNP

Dear NPP players and future NPP players:

Thank you again for another fun year. We will start up again January 3rd. Some of our tournament dates will be on holidays, but that is just the way it goes.

With the election of Donald Trump, maybe - just maybe - will be allowed to service US players again.

As you may remember, Poker Stars - 8 years ago - asked the thieves currently in the White House what they had to do to be allowed to offer on-line poker to the United States?

They agreed to the rules and paid a nearly $700 million dollar fine for crimes that there were no laws even written for.

But as Democrats do, they lied to Poker Stars, stole their money (where it went should be an investigation unto itself) and did not do anything to get Americans to the on-line felt on the most trustworthy poker site on the planet.

What Faldo is hinting to is that we might see real money poker return to Poker Stars. It's a possibility. We have businessmen - not thieves - running things now. Faldo is confident Poker Stars will once again approach the US government and remind them of the deal they thought they had.

If and when that happens, NPP will go back to a real entry fee ($) format, probably at a quarter break. But Faldo is getting ahead of himself as he often does.

Enjoy the Christmas break and see you January 3 at the NPP felt.

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DERF said...

Everyone have a Wounderful HOLIDAY and Happy New Year ..... Bring on 2017!!