Wednesday, June 17, 2015

LittleRedElf and Faldo Win in Style

Tara Reid waits in LittleRedElf's Vegas hotel room.

LittleRedElf did it in Las Vegas and at Niks Poker Palace – at the same time!

Faldo just took care of business at NPP. Faldo had the 2nd quarter lead and capped that off with a win on the last night to capture the 2nd quarter seat in the NPP Finals!

Luckily for LittleRedElf (not that the Elf needs luck with his poker talents), he held on to 2nd place – even though he missed the last two rounds at NPP – because he is in Las Vegas!

But as explained before – Faldo is a wildcard! His win or total points win a spot, but don’t take a spot. So The Elf also wins a seat in the NPP Final. Congratulations Elf.

What that does for everyone else is it eliminates the always dangerous Elf – and the ever persistent Faldo - from stealing a seat, either in the 3rd or 4th quarter or the two seats there for total points, or the seat for winning the Tournament of Champions!

Lots of seats still up for grabs so get to NPP and get one!  The beauty is Absea98, LittleRedElf and Faldo can’t win one. They got theirs.

Now for a report from the World Series of Poker. LittleRedElf sends in this report:

“I cashed in Event #30 $1000 NL Holdem Tournament finishing 204th out of 2151. I got knocked out when my [JJ] lost a coin flip against [AQ] when a [Q] hit the river. That’s poker!
I survived earlier when I was forced to make a move with [Qs Ts] and my caller had [KK]! I hit my Spade flush on the river.
I also played in the $1500 HORSE event and did not cash.
I am down slightly in tournament play and up some in live games in between tournaments.
My next event is the Seniors WSOP Event. I will send Faldo a report.”

Other NPP news: ThePunk75 and TooBIGAKQ were also in Sin City, but I did not get a report….. yet.

Also T3chlady is on her way there for poker action.

Las Vegas shakes in their tinsel when NPP’ers come to town – because we got game!

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