Sunday, March 08, 2015

Faldo’s Rules of Golf on the Course

Women's Golf Hours: 11pm to 4am. Then to the kitchen to make the men breakfast.
Since the Michigan Golf Show is upon us, I thought it would be important to review Faldo's Rules for Foursome Play with Friends.

1.      No insulting of players in your foursome at any time.
2.      No insulting of foursomes holding up your foursome on the tee box.
3.      No swearing at poor shots made by yourself or swearing under your breath at great shots made by your opponent.
4.      No drinking on the course at any time.
5.      No cigar smoking on the course at any time.
6.      No delaying of the round by stopping the beer cart girl for a bottled water.
7.      Always look away from the beer cart girl when she drives up.
8.      If your opponent hits a ball into the woods, always attempt to find it first without him knowing and set it just off the fairway and declare you just found it there.
9.      Always give your opponent a ‘gimmie’ putt up to 8 feet from the hole.

10.  Never accept gimmies – always put out. And if you have a putt to win a match, you must try and make it with your eyes closed.


Bigbrimar said...

Faldo must of had a "Senior Moment" with this post, just saying.

Anonymous said...

Offer encouragement to opponents who fail to drive it past the red tees.