Sunday, October 07, 2012

Rjmech Wins Northville Deep Stack Tournament!

Tell us about it Rj!

“It was a cool day with misty rain too miserable to golf in so I decided to play in this tournament.

20K in chips, 20 minute blinds, and 60 runners.

I had run my chip stack up to 100k with 4 tables left and I had my (AA) cracked by (TT) when a [T] hit the turn.

Blinds were 1500/3000 I was happy to find and had 8K left and doubled up with (22) against (KK) when a (2) hit the flop!

With 16K chips left, I quadrupled up with (AJo) on a (J82) flop. Blinds were 1500/3000 so I am now back up to 64K

I doubled up with (AJ) again vs (AT) up to 128K and head to the final table with 150K or so.

Played solid poker and doubled up again with (JJ) vs (88).  Sitting pretty now with 300K

I wait for other players to bust out and I play a good player heads up.

The final hand Blinds were 10K/20K I had (93) of hearts and limp on the button and flop (369) rainbow.  Gin!

I am playing an aggressive opponent and lead right out with 30K he raises me to 130K. I shove all in for 500K and he tanks for a while than calls me with (A6o).

I have been aggressive throughout the match and middle pair top kicker is not a bad hand to do this with. The board ran out and I win the tournament!!

Northville Downs is one of my favorite places to play and you can usually see me there every Friday and Saturday night.

It made a miserable golfing day into a wonderful poker day!

1st prize was $1800 all mine! No chop - just the way I like it!

Good thing was that no one asked, so I wasn't pressured.” – Rjmech

Great job Rjmech!

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fourputt said...

Question: Is Rjmech an NPP alumni?